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Hyperthermia is a common cancer treatment that uses heat via radio waves to damage and kill cancer cells. Hyperthermia selectively damages cancer cells without damaging normal cells. Hyperthermia treatments typically apply heat of 42-56°C as evidence shows damage of cancer cells occurs at least at 42°C. Even when exposed to this temperature, normal cells healthily regenerate intracellular proteins, do not produce Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), and do not stimulate immune system cells to activate.

Hyperthermia is a safe treatment that differs from other conventional treatments such as chemotherapy. The gap between the extensive damage caused by hyperthermia to cancer cells, compared with the lack of damage caused to the normal cells, makes this method a selective and effective treatment method. 

By applying high temperature to cancer cells, hyperthermia treatments effectively treat cancer in a number of ways including:

  • Destruction of proteins in cancer cells that is necessary to build enzymes essential for cell function. Their destruction causes the cancerous cell to transition into a state of apoptosis (programmed cell death)
  • Prevention of oxygen and nutrients carried to the tumorous area of the body inhibiting its growth and promoting cell death
  • Induces heat shock proteins (HSP) production to stimulate the body’s immune response and attack cancer cells 
  • Continued damage to cancer tissues after hyperthermia treatment as heat does not easily dissipate from tumours. Blood flow is slow in the area of the tumour due to narrow and twisted blood vessels
  • Improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy when used as an integrative treatment

Life Health Care Group practices holistic integrative cancer care where our patients are central to all decision-making processes. We provide hyperthermia as our complementary treatment to conventional cancer care. Our Oncologists work closely with your Oncology team to increase the overall effectiveness of your cancer treatment. There are numerous studies showing the effectiveness of combining evidenced-based alternative and complementary treatments with conventional treatments. These combinations are safe and personalised based on patients’ condition and conventional cancer treatments.