Integrative TCM Cancer Specialist

Prof Daniel Weber, Senior Consultant- Oncology

Published Books

2014 Botanical Oncology; isolates
2010 ‘Inflammation and the Seven Stochastic Events of Cancer’
‘Chinese Herbal Medicine and Psychophysiology – Vagus Nerve; Psychological and Neurophysiological Dysfunction
2009 ‘Introduction to Integrative Oncology: Herbs, Compounds and Supplements in the Treatment of Cancer’.
‘Dui Yao: the Art of Formula Construction’ and ‘’ an online fully searchable companion.
Professor Daniel Weber is a visiting Professor at Tianjin University, where he lectures post-graduate students and is performing research. He is the author of many books and published articles on integrative medicine. Prof. Weber is also the CEO of Panaxea International, where he travels extensively, lecturing on modern botanical medicine. 

Prof. Weber is currently acting as the vice-chair of the oncology section of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and editor of the Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine. Prof. Weber founded and is acting a President of the Association of Integrative Oncology and Chinese Medicine.

Prof. Weber is an internationally recognised and informative speaker, author, and promoter of evidence-based medicine (EBM). Further, he is deeply committed to research and is passionate to promote integrative clinics around the world.