Acupuncture and Clinical Fitness Specialist

Mark Houston
Acupuncture and Clinical Fitness Specialist

Mark's special interests:

When to seek the advise from Mark:

  • Body regeneration problems
  • Motor deficit problems

After an initial interview and diagnosis is performed, a treatment plan is prepared. Acupuncture treatment is very relaxed, conversational and geared to promote confidence to enable completion of all active tasks (exercises), after the acupuncture session.

Dr. Houston graduated from Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Australia) in 1983. As a resident of Hong Kong since 1967 he immediately returned to the territory where he undertook an apprenticeship with Dr. George Long OMD. Dr. Long was a highly influential acupuncturist in the 1970s, in California, USA, where is played an important part in the recognition and licensing of acupuncture throughout North America.

With a deep interest in “Exercise as Medicine” and “Evolutionary Biology” Dr. Houston has spent 35yrs studying the benefits of combining acupuncture and physical exercise as a means of slowing the aging process and regenerating the body’s vitality. With deconditioning accompanying the majority of chronic diseases, the movement of integrating all healing systems into a single treatment plan has played an important part of his research and clinical practice.

With a deep interest in mind body medicine Dr. Houston has invested 40yrs into studying an array of scientific subjects related to the evolution of the human body, brain and mind. With the rise of awareness of the importance of environmental health, ecological issues are today considered mainstream, integral to effective healthcare, and the foundation of “Integrative Medicine”. With the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) rooted in the understanding of the relationship between humankind and the environment, 21st Century medicine has itself awoken to this need. Long considered a novelty to medical science, the emergence of Darwinian Theory is today proving to be vital to the future of health care as greater longevity is attained and cellular aging dominates the problems of chronic disease. With the aging process now understood to begin from the moment of birth, Darwinism is now clearly a major part of modern biology, and standing in synergy with this new science are the ecological philosophies of ancient China.

Mind body medicine is another area of interest for modern science, an area of health care deeply studied by ancient Chinese physicians and discussed in classical books. With both cognition and human behavior growing as a concern for the aging process, acupuncture in combination with physical exercise and diet have become integral to the effectiveness of modern health care. An area of interest in modern acupuncture is auricular medicine, a system of neuropsychology developed in France in the 1950s. Using analytical psychology as a framework for understanding the evolution of the human mind and with an understanding of brain evolution, the science of auricular medicine has grown into a highly effective treatment for mind body conditions. Dr. Houston has studied and practiced auricular medicine for 30yrs after been schooled by Dr. George Long throughout his apprenticeship period in the late 1980s.


Clinical Fitness is a relatively new area of the modern health care system, but is not a new subject to physicians involved in physical therapy and preventive medicine. The oldest and most renowned institution for the study and practice of preventive medicine, using physical exercise, is the “Cooper Institute” in Dallas Texas. From the 1980s, after being schooled in the practice of “Exercise as Medicine” using the research and recommendations of the Cooper Institute. From 1999 to 2000, Dr. Houston underwent 8 sabbatical studies, in Dallas, Texas, and eventually obtained full certification in all areas of clinical fitness.