Homeopathic Doctor

Dr. Manisha Khiani
Homeopathic Doctor

Manisha’s special interests:

  • Asthma (kids)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

When to seek the advice from Manisha:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Stress-related disorders
  • Women’s health issues

I am passionate to treat the whole family from babies to the elderly and dedicated to provide each of my clients a natural, gentle, and effective health care solution in Homeopathy. I truly believe that the bond of hope and faith between myself and my clients can lead us onto the path of cure.
Dr. Manisha Khiani is a Homeopathic Doctor registered under Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy in India.
She has particular expertise in acute and chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, stress-related disorders like anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, women’s health issues like menstrual disorders, fertility issues and PCOS, as well as common children’s health issues from viral fever to immunity boosting. She also treats skin issues like eczema and recurrent boils.

Dr. Manisha completed her Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery degree from the respected Maharashtra University of Health Sciences—a comprehensive five and-a- half year program where she received extensive clinical training in both public and private hospitals. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Dr. Manisha had a successful career in India where she treated more than 2,000 patients with a success rate over 90%. Her clients describe her as warm and passionate in her approach to healing. She is now settled in Hong Kong and is mother to a lovely daughter, Mishika.
Miss Wong
Dr. Manisha has helped us with our son, who had fever around 39.4 and congestion in chest lasting from 2 days. She was kind and patient and thorough with her skills. I felt at ease when she inquired about my child’s health several times on Whatsapp, too. I highly recommend her for homeopathic treatment, specially with kids because she is really skillful doctor.

Dr. Manisha has really done a fantastic job to help our 3 year old son who was suffering from fever lasting for 5 days. Not only did she find the right remedy immediately through a very thorough consultation, which isn’t the standard in Hong Kong’s rushed environment. She also showed a lot of personal care by checking on his recovery several times—even on the weekend! We felt in really good hands and we will definitely recommend her to our friends.

E. Wong
I had a recurrent migraine at my lower head and the pain had lasted for months. I was tired of treating the pain by Panadol so I sought help from Dr. Manisha. She was so kind and patient to consult me for 90 minutes, asking for my detailed health and personal backgrounds in order to find the best and unique remedy for me. After taking a single dose, I felt the pain reduced gradually. I really appreciate Dr. Manisha for her treatment as this pain had really been a nightmare for me.

I was having an on-and- off cough, a very sore throat with white spots on my tonsils for 2 months. Dr. Manisha prescribed me these amazing homeopathic pills to be taken once a day for 7 days and I got amazing results. My cough got better and throat pain was gone after only 1 day. I felt energetic and active again and was back to work with full enthusiasm. I missed my work a lot because of recurrent infection in past. I highly recommend her because she prescribes accurate medicine with fewer doses.

I came to see Dr. Manisha for my 16 months old son who had a fever and had been coughing for a couple of days. Within 12 hours the temperature was gone and after 3 days the cough as well. Homeopathy for baby and kids are working very well. Dr. Manisha is very understanding. I appreciate a lot that she follows up the recovery of my son via Whatsapp. I highly recommend her.

Rebecca, 16 years old at the time of treatment.
I have experienced great improvement and rejuvenation of the soul whilst on the homeopathic remedy treatments. My entire being has increased in confidence and I feel that I can face the day with a smile and positive thoughts. In the beginning of my interactions with Dr. Manisha, I felt very anxious and stressed due to the hard pressures of the Hong Kong educational system. Over the course of the two months I have spent with her, I have learned to look within myself and slowly bring harmony to my body that has helped to increase the overall calm of my exterior. I can finally sleep again! I am eternally grateful to Dr. Manisha! She has been a joy and pleasure for our family as well.”

Miss Aastha
I came to see Dr. Manisha 3 months ago and was in complete despair. I had very heavy menses and irregular in nature due to multiple fibroids in my uterus. I had lots of joint pain with a history of fever, too. Dr. Manisha took a detailed history of mine and gave me medicine that fits my constitution. Within span of just few days my body ache and joint pain became better and my cycle became regular. I did have good flow of menses which was not heavy for these last 2 cycles. I continued to visit her and now my periods are regular with normal flow. I appreciate Dr. Manisha for her help, she is a very compassionate and detailed person. She is really thorough and excellent in her prescription. I highly recommend her to all my friends and family.