Christine Deschemin, Hypnotist

Christine’s special interests:

When to seek the advise from Christine:

  • Peak performance optimisation
  • Stress management
  • Sleep management
  • Pain relief
  • Emotion management (anger, …)

Results oriented practitioner who applies a structured approach to help others increase their well-being.
With a strong interest in peak performance, Christine has helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals overcome behavioural, emotional and physical challenges and reach success.

As a former banker, she has experienced first-hand the stress and tension that is part of Hong Kong’s daily life. After training in France and the USA, she has been practicing hypnosis for 2 years. Christine speaks five languages, lived and studied in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
Anonymous - Hong Kong

I recently encountered a deep emotional condition which came out of left field. Knowing I needed to take care of it right away, I considered the options available. Being somewhat sceptical about the effectiveness of psychiatrists, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I had never tried hypnosis and was slightly worried about being “conditioned” without being aware of the process and happenings. Christine had been mentioned in a conversation and I decided to give them a try.

After two sessions, I have to admit the results are quite remarkable. The emotions that had surfaced so intensely were completely relieved and there was a renewed sense of confidence and positivity. Until now, I am confident that these feelings will not manifest themselves again. But in the event that they do, I will again turn to Christine.

Olivier - Hong Kong

My name is Olivier. I am a professional Jockey. I have been riding in horse races all around the world for more than 30 years.
After a fall in a race in 2014 I had to stop riding.
The doctors decided to bar me from competition for eight months and they were even encouraging me to consider retirement. Thankfully, the problem was solved after eight months and the doctors allowed me to compete again.
To be away for a long period of time and to try to come back at the top is a difficult task!
But I had the chance to meet Christine at that time and decided to consult her.
In my profession the mind plays a very important part as decisions need to be taken very fast and they can make the difference between winning and losing. Self-belief also plays an important part.
As I was in the period of self-doubt, Christine was a big help for me, after our first consultation I could already feel the benefits.
My relationships with horses also came back to the top and I was back on track sharper than ever before.
I could not be more pleased to be under Christine’s guidance and it was a great experience.
And I am truly grateful for her help.

Claire - Hong Kong

I always knew and felt that a part of me wasn’t able to drive me forward and think bigger. It took me a while to realise that I lacked self-confidence. Everything in my childhood and in my life went really well so I did not understand why I had this feeling deep inside.

When I heard Christine talk about hypnosis at a conference, I thought that she could be the answer to the problem I had not been able to overcome on my own. It was not only the theory around hypnosis but also Christine’s personality that appealed to me.

So I contacted her. I did the first session and I started understanding a lot about myself. I felt that I needed a second session, which I had. Now I feel different. My inner talk changed. I talk to myself differently, more kindly, more confidently. My thoughts are more positive, objective, and uplifting.

I feel really good now! Thank you, Christine.