Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist

Miles Price
Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist

Miles' special interests:

When to seek the advise from Miles:

By using the Functional Medicine approach to disease and dysfunction, Miles spends time identifying the root cause of the disease or issue using diagnostic testing and addresses it naturally using diet, supplemental and detoxification support together with addressing lifestyle modifications. 

Miles spent the first few years of his career developing plant extracts for healthcare, for UK pharmacy giant Boots. He moved to Hong Kong in 2006 to focus on a more clinical and holistic approach to health, dispensing dietary and exercise advice to members of a Hong Kong prestigious health club chain. In 2009 he set up on his own to focus on his area of primary interest, the real benefits of customising nutrition, according to one's metabolism. He embarked on a Masters programme in Holistic Nutrition at the prestigious Hawthorn University, USA. Hawthorn specializes in applying a more clinical and diagnostic approach to disease using nutritional medicine. In 2012 Miles enrolled with the Functional Medicine University on their Diploma programme and completed it in 2013. In 2016 Miles enrolled with the Institute of Functional Medicine’s (IFM) practitioner programme and has completed the AFMCP module. Miles continues to train in IFM’s programmes in Immunology, cardiometabolic and cognitive disorders. 

Miles has written for numerous publications in the SCMP, Asia Spa and Foodie Magazine. He has given numerous presentations to prestigious law and banking corporations, on optimal health, customized medicine and cancer prevention and treatment.

Susanne, Weight Loss Patient
The experience was very good, I finally found a way to lose my weight. I received nutritional advice and had all checkups regarding hormones, food intolerance, etc.

Iza, Weight Loss Patient
The have tried to lose weight under professional supervision and it didn't work for me. I have reason to believe that this approach works and I'll be able to reach my target. I found everyone attentive, friendly, and totally helpful. All questions were answered and information was provided.